Message from the East June 2016

May 18, 2016 at 9:53 am

Greetings Brethren,

Summer will be here sooner than we know it. Summer for me has always been about family! I have many memories of summer vacations, grill-outs, and weekends at the lake all spent with my immediate family yes, but also with aunts, uncles, cousins, and as well as those folks that showed up every year that nobody was sure how you were related but you loved them anyway!

I am very happy now to have a large Masonic family as well! I was reminded how powerful and far reaching this Masonic family is recently when we hosted our Annual Ladies night, where we invite the special women in our lives to join us at lodge for a night out. It was also a time to be able to connect with some of our widows. These special ladies, as well as your children, are also part of the Masonic Family. It is unfortunately a rare instance that we bring our families to lodge and share how much Masonry means to us, as well as expose them and invite them into our Masonic Family. We have some more great opportunities for you and your family to come experience Masonry, tour J. B. Covert Lodge, meet other members and their families, as well as see what is really important to our lodge. So I would like to invite you and your families to two more upcoming events hosted by J. B. Covert to bring our families into the fold.

The first event is our Annual Flag Retirement and Awards Luncheon on June 11th. This is a fantastic event that we have done for the last 4 years. We partner with a local Boy Scout troop to provide a wonderful service to the community- that of retiring worn American flags. This is also our chance to recognize leaders in our community and our lodge with different awards. This is always a fun time for all those involved, and this year will be particularly special as we shine a light on our local law enforcement. These men and women serving in law enforcement across the county had some struggles recently, and it is very important to us to thank them and show our support for what they do every day to protect us. This is a family friendly event, in which lunch will be served. I really hope you bring yourself and your loved ones to experience this fantastic event.

The second event is another great event we have done for the last couple of years, which is our Music and Vino Night at Harmony Hill Winery. This is more of an adults’ only event, but we still encourage you to come out, bring your significant other, and enjoy a nice night out enjoying some great wine (or other non-alcoholic beverage you bring) and listening to music. Harmony Hill allows coolers and outside food which makes for a great picnic opportunity. So grab a couple of lawn chairs and head on out to join us at this peaceful, and relaxing event.

It is really important that we invite our families to participate in our lodge activities, and get to know the members of the lodge, and know that by extension they are truly part of our Masonic Family as well. So I hope to see you and your loved ones soon at one of these great upcoming events!

May God bless you and our Fraternity

Jack Lennon
Worshipful Master