DIY Video and asking for help

March 2, 2017 at 10:18 am

Have you ever needed to repair something on a car or around the house and after watching a “Do It Yourself” video found yourself in over your head?

I hate plumbing. I mean every time a plumbing issue arises I watch these videos and think, you know it really doesn’t look that hard, and then the experience of the tile surround in my second house flashes through my mind as I realize this is why other people get paid to do this sort of work! Allow me to give you the short form of the story, an errant elbow to a wall that had been tiled some 40+ years before resulted in a tub full of chipped and mangled tile.  Apparently, water had worked its way behind the tile over the years and compromised the wallboard.

You see it wasn’t a firehose pressure washing the tile that destroyed the integrity of the wall it was little bit of water consistently over a long time. In fact, it was such a small amount of water you didn’t see it on the wall or on the bill, but the effects couldn’t be argued with.

The same is true of you and me when we choose to allow a little bit of our foundation to be eroded or chipped away. Eventually we are attempting to stand upright on shifting sands and fooling nobody, but ourselves.

Masonry has the lessons that can help keep you and me on solid ground, but just like those DIY videos there are times when each of us needs the help of a skilled tradesman. When you joined Masonry you made a conscious decision to join into a lifetime relationship with millions of men around the world who call you brother. Sometimes we reluctantly call a plumber when we realize Bob Villa toyed with our minds and made everything look too easy, yet we won’t call a brother when we face issues in life that are a bit bigger than what we though initially. Why is that?

The fraternity that you are a part of is here to help you. If you ask for help or assistance we won’t judge, we’ll be glad that you reached out!

The day I wrote this a tornado tore up a good part of Amelia. Looking at the map and the addresses of brothers in the area I realized an 84-year-old member lived in the storm’s damage area. After trying to reach out via phone to no avail I drove as close to his neighborhood as I could before the fire department stopped me. After explaining to them I was checking on this person they volunteered to go into the area on a gator and check. The good news is the brother was fine. The bad news was the brother was surprised that someone from the lodge was checking on him.

That indictment – he was surprised- makes me realize we need to do a better job to keep our fraternal bonds tighter between our brothers.  I need your help to do this.

I am asking for your help! Please send me and email at with your name and phone number so that we can make sure we have good contact information for you and so that I can follow up with you as the year progresses.