Masonic Education- The Best Kept Secret of Freemasonry

May 23, 2017 at 1:54 pm

When we consider why most of us knocked at the door of the lodge we may be surprised to see that a lifelong commitment to continuous learning and self improvement may not have been at the top of that list of reasons. Just like most of us who joined the Boy Scouts joined to play with pocket knives, build campfires, and go camping. The idea of character development wasn’t necessarily in the top 10 reasons. Like the Boy Scouts, Masonry slips in the life lessons between work projects and dinners.

A focus on education and discovery has been a large part of the focus for J. B. Covert this year. Our Lodge Education Officer accepted the challenge I gave him to work up some education programs that would require discussion amongst the members and deeper introspection. One of my personal favorite topics was discussed in the May Stated Meeting- Generational Theory.

We structured the meeting to allow for a lengthy time for our education session and that paid off! We had a lively discussion of how the generations that make up our lodge interact with each other and how we see things like titles, the appropriateness of formal or business casual attire, and other aspects daily life are viewed by members in the different generations. I encourage you to go to our Members Only page on our website if you missed this presentation. You can email me at to get the pass key.

Our June education program is on “Family Ties That Bind Us To Masonry”. For this unique program I am asking Masons who have brothers, uncles, fathers, and grandfathers who are Masons to come to lodge together. For those of us whose family members have passed or are out of town I ask that you join me in bringing in photos as we’ll use these and those in attendance for this program.  We’ll also spend look at the role of the “Lewis” in Masonry.  One final note on this- due to the program (and that I’m a member of Gen X- you’ll have to read the May notes to understand that) the suggested dress for this program will be Business Casual!

I am also asking that for the JULY Stated Meeting you bring your Leather Apron for a special program presented by WB Jack Lennon.

I hope to see you at our Flag Retirement & Award Luncheon on June 10th and at our June & July Stated Meetings.