150th Corps of Officers 2019-2020

149th Corps of Officers 2018-2019

2018 Toy Drive

J. B. Covert Lodge Supporting the 2018 Union Township Police Night Out

2018 Our Garden Went Into Operation




2018 Flapjack Frenzy

Golden Spatula Winners– West Clermont High School

Thanks to both West Clermont & Goshen High Schools for participating over $1,700 raised for the Kyle Adkins Memorial Scholarship

2018 Kyle Adkins Memorial Scholarship Presentation


2018 Annual Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon












2017 Installation of Officers




2017 Family Range Day & Picnic

Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon 2017













Installation 2016


dsc_0009 dsc_0015

dsc_0034 dsc_0043

dsc_0048 dsc_0055

dsc_0082 dsc_0096

dsc_0108 dsc_0114

dsc_0130 dsc_0135

dsc_0159 dsc_0162

dsc_0171 dsc_0196

2016 Flapjack Frenzy

2016 Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon

Kyle Adkins Memorial Scholarship Presentation May 9th, 2016


Ladies Night Dinner May 10th, 2016

slipper     DSC_0285

DSC_0282  DSC_0288

DSC_0290  DSC_0291

Even our Robble Head had a great time!

Installation of M. Jack Lennon December 12th, 2015

WB Jack Lennon  Jack's Family

Roy Elliott recognize as Exemplar for 2015
Roy Elliott recognized as Exemplar for 2015
John Rowe recognized as Mason of the Year
John Rowe recognized as Mason of the Year


Escape Room Challenge

Escape Room

2015 Family Range Day

12039265_10204959182090641_7021262231520157537_n  12049662_894484800620516_2801105215956757717_n


2015 Flag Retirement & Awards Luncheon

Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-5261  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-5265




Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-5313  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-9873



Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-9832  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-9914

Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-9970  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0018




Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0111  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0115

Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0137 Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0167

  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-5429  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0174

Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0192  Flag_Retirement_Event-¬2015_Steve_Ziegelmeyer-0213

Our thanks to Steve Ziegelmeyer for the images above. The images shown above are copyright protected and used with permission from Ziegelmeyer Photography



Elliott  Gov Recognition


End of Winter Lead Therapy 2015


11080630_809352352467095_6739333349715075356_o  10923807_809348105800853_4803952794945350865_o

11058302_809348019134195_7027724697736977712_o  11046628_809347825800881_6517678684880909140_o


Inspection March 19, 2015

We had the honor of hosting the Grand Master of Masons in Ohio MWB Steven Cokonougher

Officers at inspection

officers and friends

Good friends and fellowship abound at J. B. Covert

DSC_0228  DSC_0214

A great meal was provided by Covert Chapter O.E.S.

DSC_0206  DSC_0205

Installation of Daniel O. Campbell, November 22, 2014


DSC_0138  DSC_0151


Past Masters’ Night Raises Grandson of Past Master


2014 Top Shots at Family Picnic and Range Day


Robert Desgrange, PM, (on left) was awarded the coveted JBC Top Shot Tacky Trophy by successfully shooting the fuzz off of a Q-Tip at 60′ with a .22 caliber rifle.


Robert Cordes, (on left) was awarded Second Place camouflage toilet paper for being the closest to successfully shoot through the center of a compact disc without touching the plastic using a .22 caliber 22 at 60′.

2014 Flag Retirement & Masonic/Community Service Awards



IMG_1578  DSC_0065

DSC_0061  DSC_0040

DSC_0039  IMG_1581

Representative Doug Green addresses crowd
Representative Doug Green addresses crowd
SSG Brondhaver presents his Humanitarian Service Award to Gary Cox
SSG Brondhaver presents his Humanitarian Service Award to Gary Cox


2014 Inspection

MWB Mick Addresses the Lodge at the opening of the Lodge


MWB Mick Addresses Our Newest Member Bro. Alan Olson


Father & Son- WB Brother & Brother Olson


The meal was prepared and served by the ladies of Eastern Star and it was greatly appreciated by all in attendance.


Taste of Clermont Fundraiser

15 members and 4 spouses came out to help us work some festival booths at the Taste of Clermont in August. This brief period of volunteerism generated $657 for the Lodge! We had 4 of our newest members, 4 spouses, 2 Past Masters, and a very prolific Butch Determan photo bombing all of the booths!

taste 4   taste 7

taste 6   taste 5

taste   taste 3

taste 2

New Awning Are Installed

Many thanks to: Greg Morgan, Paul Reuscher, Bruce Ehas, Russ Shippley, and Dave Olmstead

awning crew  awning


2013 Flag Retirement & Community/Masonic Service Awards June 22, 2013.

Read the story here

BSA_Flags_2013_47  BSA_Flags_2013_5


Boy Scout Troop 443 prepares flags for retirement

BSA_Flags_2013_8  BSA_Flags_2013_9


National Anthem Singer Braydon Holloway sets the tone

BSA_Flags_2013_25  BSA_Flags_2013_21

BSA_Flags_2013_19  BSA_Flags_2013_20

BSA_Flags_2013_22  BSA_Flags_2013_23

6_22_13036  6_22_13086

BSA_Flags_2013_24  6_22_13019

Bro. Dave Olmstead and Worship Brother Matt Palm welcomes guests and dignitaries

BSA_Flags_2013_17  6_22_13048

6_22_13050  6_22_13066


BSA_Flags_2013_28   BSA_Flags_2013_36


BSA_Flags_2013_38  BSA_Flags_2013_39


Boy Scout Stas Beresford presides over the official retirement

BSA_Flags_2013_41  BSA_Flags_2013_48

BSA_Flags_2013_49  BSA_Flags_2013_50



Billy Wendel performs Taps

BSA_Flags_2013_45  BSA_Flags_2013_46

The second section kicked off with PGM Michael A. Himes honoring us with one of Masonry’s classic flag talks


Partticipating groups were presented with a thank you that included a pair of grommets

BSA_Flags_2013_52  BSA_Flags_2013_64

BSA_Flags_2013_66  BSA_Flags_2013_67

BSA_Flags_2013_68  6_22_13122

Bro. Jack Lennon presented the Lodge with a challenge coin from General Shelton former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Bros. John Becker (center), Al Determan (right), Dave Olmstead (left), James Morgan, and Raymond Scott were recognized for 25 years of Masonic Service

BSA_Flags_2013_72  BSA_Flags_2013_78

Receiving their 35 year pin today are:
Brothers Franklin Brandenburg, Keith Holbrook, and William Music who are unable to join us today.

Receiving their 40 year pin today are:
Brothers: Edward Brock, John Lane. Worshipful Brother Cledes Smith Past Master, and Brother Toney Stone who are also unable to join us today.

PGM Mike Himes awards Clay Campbell his 50 year pin

BSA_Flags_2013_75  BSA_Flags_2013_76

Receiving their 50 year pin are:
Brothers Clay Campbell, Thomas Auxier, Charles Collins, and James Cook
Brothers Auxier Collins, and Cook were unable to join us today, but we thank them for their years of dedicated service.

Being recognized for 65 years of Masonic service are:
Brother Robert Abbott and Brother Merril Ludlow and were unable to join us today, but we thank them for their years of dedicated service.


J.B. Covert members help Raise soldier on his way to Afghanistan

Brad Jones Flag  Pictured L to R:  Flag Case

Dave Olmstead, JBC; Brad Jones, Highland; M. Jack Lennon, JBC; Daniel Campbell, JBC


Installation 2013 WB Mathew Palm

IMG_0157   IMG_0164IMG_0166   IMG_0165_1IMG_0176   IMG_0175_1WB Matt Palm   WB Matt and PM Kyle