One of our core tenets is to provide relief to our fellow Masons and others. This is manifested in several different ways throughout the year and usually involves directed donations from the members of the lodge, but there are times where we budget for donations which come from our operating budget. As with any organization that serves over 250 members and owns a facility we have operating costs that sometime limit our ability to help others as much as we would like to. To offset some of our operating costs and provide a pool of resources for providing donations in the coming year we have launched our first ever raffle fundraiser. Before you read the details of the raffle we’d like to share with you a few of our most recent donations.

Since November of 2017 J. B. Covert Lodge has donated:

  • Van load of toys to Toys for Tots
  • Over $300 to Ohio Masonic Home
  • Nearly $100 to 6th District Sweats for Vets Program
  • $570 for Funeral Expenses for a Brother
  • $1,500 in Scholarship to Jordan Figgs of Goshen HS
  • $400 to Brothers in Need
  • $500 to Boy Scout Troop 443
  • $300 to Special Olympics
  • 16 Gallons of Lettuce & Spinach, Several Cucumbers, 6 Quarts of Sugar Snap Peas, Some Tomatoes and Peppers to Milford Miami Ministries and Summerside United Methodist Church Food Pantry