Pay Dues and Event Fees or Make Donations Online


You asked for it and we’ve now added the ability to collect payments via credit and debit cards!

This link will take you to our online store where you can pay for fees and make donations. Pursuant with our Standing Resolutions adopted in 2017 a Convenience Fee, similar to that of other online ticket resources or utility payment sites, is added to the cost of your fee. This does not apply to donations! If you choose to donate you’ll only be charged the amount you choose to donate.

You can still pay dues and donate by writing a check and sending it to:

J.B. Covert Lodge #437, F. & A.M.
Tom Lind , Secretary
3867 Pin Osak Dr.
Batavia, OH 4512



Click Here To Visit Our Online Store

Standing Resolution:

  1. Acceptance of Electronic Payment
    1. Credit card and other electronic means of payments when accepted by J. B. Covert Lodge will have a “convenience fee” of 3% of the total cost of item to be paid for passed on to the purchaser as outlined below and with the noted exception listed:
      1. When Convenience Fee Applies
        1. Event payments an additional 3% of total for members and any guests
        2. Dues an additional 3% (for $78 this is $3.25)
        3. Any time there is a direct cost that is being assessed to a member or guest
      2. Exception When Convenience Fee Does Not Apply
        1. Any donation
      3. As with any electronic payment function the funds from the purchaser’s credit card minus the processing fee (usually around 2.75%) are sent from the credit card company to the lodge’s bank account automatically and an email receipt is generated. This automated email shall go directly to the secretary for entry into his records and he shall forward to the treasurer for his records. Approved 7/19/2016